Have you ever wondered what goes into our food? From age-old recipes to quality and sustainably sourced produce, over the years our family has put their heart and soul into the food we serve up everyday. To celebrate our culinary achievements, we’re giving you a list of reasons why you should fall in love with our food – although we’re sure you won’t need much persuading once you’ve tried it for yourself.


Our fish are sustainably sourced

On top of our varied and delicious range, we’re proud to say that all of our fish are FAS accredited and MSC certified as sustainable. Most is caught in the Barents sea but we also use smaller boats to catch fresh fish.


We use the very best spuds

All of our potatoes are sourced from reputable farms in Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire, such as R.J Stevenson, M.J Gent and Abbey Produce. These two areas have some of the best potato-growing soil in the UK, and we can’t fault the great flavour and texture of our chunky chips.


It’s all in the way we fry

Ever wondered how we achieve the light, crispy batter on our fish, or the fluffy centre of our chips without losing the crunchy exterior? Well, it’s all in the way we fry. By combining the latest in frying technology, with the finest, refined and deodorised oils, our fish and chips are perfectly deep-fried everytime.


Plenty of variation

Although fish and chips are at the heart of everything we do, our menu is varied and caters to everyone’s needs. From tender chicken, to mouth-watering light bites and meaty sausages – we’ve got everybody covered.


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