Although summer might be coming to an end, it doesn’t mean the fun you get to enjoy in Wells-Next-The-Sea has to stop. To get you inspired for the upcoming weeks, we’ve put together a list of exciting things you can do throughout the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.


Sunset walks along the beach

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Unfortunately, the end of summer does mean shorter days, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That’s because it also means you can enjoy even more sunset walks along the many beaches in Wells. From watching the tide rush in and out, to witnessing the fishing boats retiring for the day, a walk under the dimming sun is a real delight. Not sure? Well give it a go, we’re sure you’ll love it.

Shopping down Old Slaithe Street

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In the mood for a little retail therapy? For those days where it’s a little chilly for beachside walks, why not explore bustling Old Slaithe Street. Lined with pastel-coloured shops that are full to the brim with plenty of seaside goodies, this charming street makes for the perfect end of summer destination. And when you’re all shopped-out, you can swing by our takeaway (The Fisherman’s Yard) for a well-deserved pit stop.

Pay a visit to Walsingham


If you fancy a change of a scenery, why not visit neighbouring village, Walsingham? Perfect for a quick day trip, Walsingham is just four miles from Wells and is home to a beautiful range of Christian architecture, which dates back thousands of years. There are also plenty of restaurants and quaint shops, so once you’ve explored the local history you can sit back and relax.

Go sea fishing

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If our fish and chips have given you a taste for the sea’s delicious produce, why not give catching your own dinner a go? Enjoy an invigorating boat ride out to the main catch points, where you’ll be able to reel in plenty of mackerel for your supper, as well as a couple of surprise catches! Not sure how to cook your fish? We recommend wrapping it up in foil and grilling it over a barbecue – perfection.

Ready to embrace autumn?

And if these weren’t enough to get you excited about autumn, how about the opening of our brand new restaurant, The Fryer’s Bounty? Serving up flame-grilled crabs, lobsters and tender steaks in a cosy atmosphere, you’re bound to fall in love. For all of the latest news, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the Platten’s website and social media for all updates.