We’re incredibly excited to announce that (as of 2nd December) we’ll now be hosting gluten-free days at The Fisherman’s Yard, every Friday and Saturday. With the same great taste as ever, just with gluten-free ingredients, you’ll be able to enjoy our delicious fish and chips regardless of whether you’re avoiding gluten or not.

Interested in sampling our gluten-free menu? Well, we have a whole range of dishes and sauces that are suitable for those with a gluten-intolerance:

Jumbo sausage plain or battered
Standard cod
Standard haddock
Standard plaice
Standard rock
Standard skate
Standard chips
Standard curry sauce

If our gluten-free days become a hit, we’ll work to introduce them as a more regular event, so you’ll be able to dig into them whenever you want.

Want to learn more about the ingredients used? Pop by The Fisherman’s Yard and speak to a member of our lovely staff – we’re very excited about this new step!